14 active and passive safety devices

The new Fiat Professional Scudo can count on an ecosystem of technologies to support the driver to make every journey as safe as possible.

Traffic signals recognitions

This safety device recognises road signs and reproduces them on the Fiat Professional Scudo’s digital cluster display.

Lane Departure Warning

The New Scudo lane assist can detect road edges, even at higher speeds, and warns the driver with an audio and visual sign when the vehicle is passing the lane boundaries.

Side Blind-Spot Alert

The blind spot monitor activates in more complicated manoeuvres or when in proximity to obstacles in a vehicle’s blind spots. When the sensor detects a potentially dangerous situation, such as in the event of being overtaken by a vehicle from behind, the system alerts the driver via the warning lights positioned on the side mirrors.

Forward collision warning and AEB Control

A driving support system that allows you to detect people and vehicles on the road. Thanks to the front radar, the new Fiat Professional Scudo can recognise obstacles on the path and alert the driver with an audio and visual sign. With the support of the Active Emergency Brake Control system, the new Scudo automatically activates the emergency brake, allowing you to avoid collisions or mitigate the impact.

Rearview camera

The new Rearview Parking camera offers improved resolution on the 7” radio screen, displays the dynamic grid that moves according to the steering wheel turns, helping the driver to efficiently complete parking manoeuvres.

Grip control

Move wherever your work takes you. The new Fiat Professional Scudo is equipped with the new Grip Control system which, by managing the ESP, allows you to choose between 5 driving modes: Asphalt, Snow, Sand, Mud, and ESP OFF.

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