Electric or diesel? You decide.

The new Fiat Professional Scudo van comes in two versions: one with a diesel engine and one with a completely new all-electric powertrain.

Maximum load efficiency

Despite the compactness of the exterior, with only 190 cm from the ground, the volume available is incredibly large, with up to 6.6 m3 of load capacity and up to 1400 Kg payload.

Feels like driving your car

Driving a Scudo feels just like a car. The comfortable driving position and the compactness allow you to have a stress-free working day, even on longer journeys.

The flexibility that you need

Thanks to the new Moduwork functionality, the Fiat Professional Scudo offers a range of options that adapt the interior according to your needs. The new Scudo offers a generous volume space and remarkable loading solutions, to adapt to any situation.



The electric motor takes the Fiat Professional Scudo to a new and uncompromising level of performance. Choose between different batteries, 50 or 75 kWh, according to your job’s needs. For diesel motors on the other hand, Scudo offers a broad range of engines with four different engine types, with the 2.0 litre version being combined with the new 8-speed autonomous transmission.

Alt Electric without compromises

The Fiat Professional E-Scudo powertrain offers great performance without compromises. Try it yourself.

Alt Top ICE technology

Four power levels and dual transmission available: manual or 8-speed automatic.

Alt Unaffected load capacity

The electric version has the same load volume and payload as the diesel version. Choose the workmate that best suits your needs.

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