Fullback pick-up


Fullback is equipped with a wide range of safety devices as standard, designed to guarantee maximum protection and safety for the driver and passengeers.


Fullback is fitted with 7 airbags which help absorb the impact in the event of an accident. In addition to the front airbags, there are side airbags, curtain airbags and one at the level of the driver’s knee.

Reinforced body

The shell was constructed with many components in special lightweight steel, with high tensile strength. This made it possible to limit Fullback’s weight whilst maintaining an unaltered level of safety.


The front suspension with double A-arm and stabiliser bar ensures excellent stability both on and off-road. The rigid rear axle with elongated multi-layer leaf springs means that Fullback’s is able to absorb the stresses of the road surface, ensuring stability and comfort, whether empty or with a full load.


The Trailer Stability Assist system ensures perfect stability, even when towing: if the vehicle swerves, the TSA automatically regulates the engine power and applies a braking force to each wheel, restoring the vehicle’s towing stability.


The Lane Departure Warning is a system that automatically activates visual and audio warning signs if the vehicle swerves dangerously from its lane, when travelling at speeds over 65km/h.


The Electronic Stability Control prevents the wheels from slipping, reducing the risk of skidding and guaranteeing optimal traction in all conditions. The ESC independently controls the braking force on each wheel when cornering, offering exceptional hold and stability.

Hill Holder

The Hill Holder is the ideal solution for hill starts, even with a full load. It automatically blocks the vehicle for a few seconds, without the need to brake.

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