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DRL LED headlights – Safety, stability and efficiency

  • Optimal position for their primary function and redesigned to blend in seamlessly with the shape of the vehicle
  • Thanks to their new design, despite their compact size, they offer 40% more light efficiency
  • The (optional) DRL LED headlights afford greater durability, low energy consumption, reduced fuel consumption and a unique style


Larger and wider, it conveys a feeling of power and dynamism, and was designed to:
Grant improved access to the engine compartment
Increase air flow
Be sturdier but also easy to replace


Excellent comfort, elegance and functionality

Driver's seat and dashboard

The driver’s seat is extremely adaptable – you can adjust the height and the lumbar area, move the seat backwards and forwards and adjust the position of the steering wheel, to ensure you always benefit from the most comfortable and correct driving position. The seat can also be heated, sprung, and equipped with an adjustable armrest
The controls and indicators are all easy to reach and can be operated thanks to the new ergonomically-designed dashboard with central console housing the new built-in radio, the practical tablet holder, a convenient bottle holder or, alternatively, a large compartment which can be used to store a laptop or tablet
The instrument panel, with white graphics on black background, was designed to afford maximum readability and visibility of all the necessary information

Tablet Holder

One of the new exclusive features of the Ducato, owing to a unique design, it can hold any tablet or smartphone (with a display of up to 10”), in addition to block note pads for a more comofrtable working experience.


For the perfect on-board temperature, the climate control system ensures that you and your passengers benefit from optimum travelling conditions.

The van is equiped with several well distributed air vents, which can be directed and adjusted independently, including for quicker and more efficient demisting of the windscreens.

Reflective windscreen

Reflects infrared rays, keeping the passenger compartment cooler: up to 15° lower than a vehicle with a normal windscreen.
Reduces the use of air conditioning, thus reducing fuel consumption and enhancing comfort.

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