Doblò cargo


Safety at work is key


For maximum road grip.

The road holding of the New Doblò Cargo is guaranteed with an ESC electronic stability control device.

What’s more, the Hill-Holder function helps you on hill starts, automatically providing the braking torque required to control your vehicle most effectively on a gradient. Includes HBA (Hydraulic Brake Assist)


Gradual braking for total control of your vehicle.

The braking system with 4-sensor ABS complete with electronic brake force distributor (EBD) prevents the wheels from locking and guarantees complete control of the vehicle under any conditions, ensuring a responsive and smooth braking action and improved stopping distances.


Improved roadholding in all conditions. This electronic system guarantees better handling and safety even on uneven ground:
Starting on slippery surfaces, mud, sand or snow, the system removes torque from a slipping drive wheel and transfers it to the wheel with the best grip, restabilizing the vehicle’s traction.
Activated up to 30 km/h and only where necessary, using a special button.


Protection at the top

Front airbags for driver and passenger (on request).
Innovative front side airbags (on request), which protect both the head and chest.
The seats are fitted with a device which, in the event of impact, brings the headrests closer to the occupants’ neck, avoiding the effect commonly known as “whiplash”.


The tyre pressure monitoring system checks the pressure of the tyres constantly, indicating any loss in pressure directly on the on-board display.


  • Controlled collapse body shell designed to absorb impact effectively.
  • The doors of the passenger compartment are equipped with side impact bars.
  • The bumpers contain a progressive collapse bar.

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