Fiat Professional to be the star of “Transpotec Logitec 2019”

Fiat Professional to be the star of “Transpotec Logitec 2019”

  • The complete range and a rich assortment of outfitted vehicles will take centre stage at Italy’s biggest transport and logistics event.
  • Every model can be completed with equipment designed and built to provide customers with the very best support in their work, whatever it may be, thanks to the input of top partners.
  • Ducato: at the show, the Fiat Professional best-seller and undisputed leader on the European market presents all its versatility in a wide range of variants, from the street food version to the mobile workshop, by way of the light car transporter and the ambulance.
  • Not to mention the market’s largest range of ecological vehicles, represented here by the Ducato Minibus and the Doblò Cargo, both Natural Power.
  • Also showcased is Mopar® Connect Fleet, a set of automotive services dedicated to the fleet management and safety of FCA vehicles for the fleet managers of small and medium enterprises.
  • Fiat Professional: a brand of professionals at the service of professionals, with a transport solution for every business mission.

“Transpotec Logitec”, the most important Italian event dedicated entirely to transport and logistics, will be taking place at Veronafiere from February 21 to 24. Leading name at the event, Fiat Professional will be reasserting its position as the first brand “born to be professional” with a line-up entirely dedicated to light transport, one hundred years of history and a one-of-a-kind baggage of experience in the world of commercial vehicles. Thanks to integrated solutions, outstanding partnerships in the special equipment sector and the Mopar Connect Fleet technology, Fiat Professional is a full-liner brand, able to offer the best answer for anyone seeking a work vehicle, in terms of both products and services. With a stand of 1000 m2, it reinforces its presence, reflecting the strength of a complete range for every transport solution.

Pro like you

At Verona, Fiat Professional will be exhibiting fourteen vehicles representing its wide, well structured range, which covers every working mission, thanks also the immense versatility in vehicle equipment. So this offering has the right answer for all passenger or goods transport mission needs, because all segments are covered, from car-derived vans to large vans, with all body types, load capacities and volumes, not to mention a complete choice of wheelbases, widths and height variants, in addition to high-efficiency engines and various fuels options (petrol, diesel, LPG and natural gas). There is also a wide range of vehicles outfitted to meet all the customer’s needs: passenger minibuses, courier vans, refrigerated vehicles, food trucks, ambulances, mobile workshops, light car transporters and light utility trucks, for the most widely varying mobility requirements. Specifically, visitors will be able to admire the Ducato Minibus Natural Power and the Talento Combi, outfitted to improve transport conditions through special equipment for the most widely varying needs, also for the mobility impaired, to guarantee freedom of movement, comfort and safety. The Talento is also on show in refrigerated version. Not to mention a Doblò with solutions to make entering and exiting the vehicle easier for wheelchair users and those with mobility impairments, with the greatest comfort and safety.

Ducato, Fiat Professional best seller and undisputed European market leader, is offered in a wide number of variants: from the courier van to construction site vehicles with three-way tipping body – displayed next to the flatbed Doblò – to the light car transporter for roadside rescue and the food truck, through to the ambulance. Also featured on the stand is the versatile MEC (Mopar Express Care), the vehicle on a Fiat Ducato base equipped as a real mobile workshop, with reception, diagnosis and operating areas. The display at “Transpotec Logitec 2019” is completed by a “back-to-back” show vehicle which combines a Ducato tractor cab and chassis cowl, designed and supplied as the basis for the many motorhome outfits in which Ducato is market leader: its complete domination of the European market continues, as about 3 out of every 4 motorhomes sold in Europe are built on a Ducato base. A real “manifesto” of Ducato’s transformation versatility and flexibility. The tractor cab and chassis cowl which make up the back-to-back show vehicle are completed by an ALKO rear chassis available in multiple versions.

The Fiat Professional CNG range

FCA has been European leader for over 20 years in the sale of petrol/natural gas dual fuel vehicles with over 720,000 cars and commercial vehicles registered. Two CNG vehicles are on display at the Verona show. The first is the Ducato Minibus equipped with the low environmental impact 3.0 Natural Power engine running on natural gas, which delivers power of 140 HP and peak torque of 350Nm: with a range of about 400km, it is a useful alternative to the conventional diesel engine with totally comparable power and payload characteristics. The Fiat Professional stand also displays a Doblò Cargo Natural Power equipped with natural gas-petrol dual fuel 1.4-litre 16V T-JET Natural Power engine which produces a maximum power of 120 HP (both when running on petrol and on methane) and progressive torque values (206 Nm at 3000 rpm). Hence, gear flexibility is high, with reduced use of the 6-speed transmission, for an enjoyable and relaxing drive. Simply press on the accelerator for a nifty response, helped by the reduced inertia of the turbocharger. This vehicle is responsive to both environmental and business needs: all the cargo section volume is retained intact, since the natural gas cylinders are installed underneath the floor. The total capacity is 95 litres, equal to about 16 kg of natural gas, for the short wheelbase versions equipped with 4 cylinders (the long wheelbase Cargo versions have 5 cylinders which contain 130 litres/ about 22 kg of natural gas), supplemented by the 22 litre capacity of the petrol tank. The vehicle on display also features a whole series of equipment suitable for various business needs, such as a modular shelving composition which can be installed on both sides of the vehicle, with storage compartments, shelves and drawers. What’s more, compared to the diesel version the volume is exactly the same: up to 4.6 m3 with a record-breaking payload of up to 980 kg. The Fiat Professional CNG vehicles therefore confirm FCA’s constant attention to environmental issues through the research and development of tangible solutions for improving performance and reducing consumption, combined with ecological and economic sustainability. Moreover, OEM vehicles, that is original equipment vehicles which are assembled in the factory already with modifications to the chassis made according to dedicated technology, are subjected to crash and emission tests just like conventional vehicles and can boast the highest standards of comfort and safety. With the added bonus that today natural gas is a smart, environmentally sustainable vehicle fuel option. It is ecological, safe, practical and inexpensive. Its use provides a 43% reduction (when mixed with biomethane, on the well to wheel principle) in CO2 emissions with a 94-95% decrease in nitrogen oxides (NOx) and fine particles (PM). What’s, more, natural gas powered vehicles are permitted entrance to town centres with environmental traffic restrictions and can use underground car parks and ferries.
The Fiat Professional range is completed by the Fiorino, an evolution of the Fiat Professional model that invented the small van segment, and the Doblò, a class-beating vehicle in terms of performance and functional characteristics, payload and low running costs.

Mopar®Connect Fleet

Mopar® Connect is the innovative set of vehicle safety and remote-control services – configurable on the vehicle as an optional at the time of purchase but also available as an aftersales feature. More in detail, Mopar® Connect integrates with the Uconnect LIVE services – where provided – and adds new functions such as roadside assistance, including crash assistance, or vehicle location in case of theft. The system can also be used to control some of vehicle functions remotely, like sending an alert if the vehicle exceeds a certain speed limit or leaves a zone previously delimited on a map or locking and unlocking the doors. Finally, Mopar® Connect enables users to locate their parked vehicle easily and see information about its state, fuel level and battery charge on their smartphones. In short, Mopar® Connect offers greater safety, tranquillity and non-stop control over vehicles.
To respond to different types of customers – from retail customers to businesses – Mopar® Connect offers services with bespoke solutions. For instance, Mopar® Connect Fleet is available for corporate and/or commercial vehicle fleet managers, which, in addition to the basic functions, can be used to monitor and manage fleets very safely and effectively through a portal created by Targa Telematics. Available in two versions (Basic and High), the innovative Mopar® Connect Fleet uses a simple and user-friendly interface, directly accessible by Fleet Managers via smartphone and PC, to control all activities and monitor service, maintenance and support statuses for each vehicle. Mopar® Connect Fleet is available from the FCA Authorised Network.

The Fiat Professional sales force

Its completeness of range and its combination of partnerships, technologies and best practices make Fiat Professional the market benchmark not only in terms of products but also of services, firmly focused on the customer and built around his needs. To provide users with clear, well informed contacts, throughout the event more than 200 specialist Fiat Professional sales consultants will be present on the stand.


Turin, 20 February 2019

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